Tobacco and Cannabis Products

You may be wondering what ‘tobacco products’ and ‘cannabis products’ are.

Below is a list of some common products:

Tobacco Products:

  • Manufactured Cigarettes
  • Hand-rolled cigarettes
  • Clove cigarettes, bidis/beedis,  kreteks
  • Cigars, cigarillos, filtered cigars, or cheroots
  • Regular pipes full of tobacco
  • Hookah (i.e., waterpipe)
  • Smokeless tobacco: snus, chewing tobacco, snuff or dip
  • Dissolvable tobacco
  • Electronic nicotine devices (vape pens): JUUL, E-cigarettes, E-hookah, E-bowl, E-pen, E-pipe, E-cigars

Cannabis Products:

  • Flower/Bud
    • Examples: Blunts/Joints, Pipes/Bowls, Water Pipes, Pre-Rolls
  • Cannabis/Marijuana Vape-Pens
  • Concentrates/Oils
    • Examples: Butane Hash Oils (BHO), Tinctures, Shatter, Wax
  • Edibles
  • Hash/Hashish